About Arman Rental cars

Arman is known as a provider of the best rates for rent a car in Jordan. We believe that renting a quality car should be as easy as picking a movie to watch - completely hassle-free with no hidden costs!

We deliver exclusive cars and quality services at cheap rates for the enthralling travel experience - with minimal hassle! We offer future booking or reservation options and the option to lease cars where the vehicle will be delivered as per the desired place anywhere across Jordan. Our car rental allows you to pay on a monthly or daily basis as per your convenience. We welcome you to come to visit us for the full exposure of our exciting cheap car rental options in Jordan.We are here to put all your car rental worries to rest. We believe in providing quality service at affordable rates and we want to make sure that you get the best car rental experience in Jordan. For us, renting a car should be as pleasurable as driving one and something that doesn’t dent your pocket too.


ARMAN Rent A Car will lead
our Services by defining service
excellence and building unmatched
customer loyalty., to insure we
provide them the best services in
this industry in Jordan and soon in the world .


Our Mission

ARMAN Rent A Car will ensure
a stress-free car rental experience
by providing superior services that
cater to our customers' individual needs
always conveying the 'ARMAN Rent A Car
Try caring and a passion for excellence.

Our Value


  • ARMAN Rent A Car will honor all commitments to our customers, employees and Partners.
  • ARMAN Rent A Car will communicate openly and frequently, sharing what ARMAN Rent A Car know, when ARMAN Rent A Car know it.
  • ARMAN Rent A Car will conduct business with unwavering high standards of honesty, trust, professionalism and ethical behaviour.

    Respect for the Individual

  • ARMAN Rent A Car will treat each person with whom ARMAN Rent A Car work with respect, professionalism and dignity.
  • ARMAN Rent A Car will communicate expectations to employees, and provide honest and timely feedback on performance.
  • ARMAN Rent A Car will embrace a diversity of ideas, cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds to enhance our promise and value to customers.
  • ARMAN Rent A Car will provide career development opportunities for employees who show initiative, and performance results to help them individually manage their careers to maximize their potential.



ARMAN Rent A Car will place the interests of our customers first.
ARMAN Rent A Car will be dedicatedto providing an individualized rentalexperience that assures customer satisfaction
and earns the unwavering loyalty of our customers


ARMAN Rent A Car will work as one team
from the smallest unit to the organization as a whole.
ARMAN Rent A Car will develop and retain leaders
who continually raise the Quality and super services,
provide direction, care of customers to successfully
accomplish goals.
ARMAN Rent A Car will maintain a caring and supportive
work environment that fosters a sharing of ideas, skills
and resources

Growth and Profitability

ARMAN Rent A Car will be dedicated to continuous innovation and
pursue new ideas and opportunities to increase profitable growth.
ARMAN Rent A Car will deliver value in all ARMAN Rent A Car
do to assure consistently high returns to our Partners.
ARMAN Rent A Car will recognize and reward excellent
performance, which drives superior results in Jordan.

Community Responsibility

ARMAN Rent A Car will be active participants in our communities and
encourage employee involvement in civic and charitable activities in
Jordan and the world soon.
ARMAN Rent A Car will be role model business leaders in Jordan,
soon in the world and communities in which ARMAN Rent A Car operate.
ARMAN Rent A Car will develop and implement business practices consistent
with safeguarding the environment.